“As Catholic professional business men and women, we are called to live our Christian ethics not only on Sunday, but throughout our daily lives at home and at work.”

Our goal in the Catholic Professional and Business Club (CP&BC), shall be to uphold our beliefs in every aspect of our daily lives, and to gather to share with others who seek a more ethical business environment with the desire to enhance spirituality in the workplace communicating by our actions God’s presence and guidance as we continue our life journey.

Each of us shall strive to achieve a co-mingling of our ethical and professional obligations, in demonstration of the fact that ethics and business need not be mutually exclusive terms.


Chaplain – Deacon Chuck Adams
President –
Jeff Riesberg
Vice President – Emily Wischnowski
Treasurer – Joyce McQuillan
Secretary – John Meng-Frecker
Director – Charley Olson


Membership Chair – Emily Wischnowski
— Parish Ambassador’s – Dan Dube

— Leading with Faith Awards Luncheon – Deacon Randy Grosse
— Workshops – John Meng-Frecker/ Joyce McQuillan
— Speakers (General Meeting) – Kevin Cooper

Communications Chair – Phil Labadie
— IT/Photo/Video – Phil Labadie
— Hospitality and Prayer – Barb King