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Saint Francesco Antonio Fasani

Saint of the Day for November 27 (August 6, 1681 – November 29, 1742) Posted from Saint Francesco Antonio Fasani’s StoryBorn in Lucera, Francesco entered the Conventual Franciscans in 1695. After his ordination 10 years later, he taught philosophy to younger friars, served as guardian of his friary, and later became provincial minister. When his term of office ended, ... Read More »

Saint Columban

Saint of the Day for November 26 (543 – November 21, 615) Posted from Saint Columban’s StoryColumban was the greatest of the Irish missionaries who worked on the European continent. As a young man who was greatly tormented by temptations of the flesh, he sought the advice of a religious woman who had lived a hermit’s life for years. ... Read More »

Saint Catherine of Alexandria

Saint of the Day for November 25 (d. c. 310) Posted from Saint Catherine of Alexandria’s StoryAccording to the Legend of St. Catherine, this young woman converted to Christianity after receiving a vision. At the age of 18, she debated 50 pagan philosophers. Amazed at her wisdom and debating skills, they became Christians—as did about 200 soldiers and members ... Read More »

Saint Andrew Dung-Lac and Companions

Saints of the Day for November 24 (1791 – December 21, 1839; Companions d. 1820 – 1862) Posted from Saint Andrew Dung-Lac and Companions’ StoryAndrew Dung-Lac, a Catholic convert ordained to the priesthood, was one of 117 people martyred in Vietnam between 1820 and 1862. Members of the companions group gave their lives for Christ in the 17th, 18th, ... Read More »

Blessed Miguel Agustín Pro

Saint of the Day for November 23 (January 13, 1891 – November 23, 1927) Posted from Blessed Miguel Agustín Pro’s Story“¡Viva Cristo Rey!”—Long live Christ the King!—were the last words Pro uttered before he was executed for being a Catholic priest and serving his flock.Born into a prosperous, devout family in Guadalupe de Zacatecas, Mexico, Miguel entered the Jesuits ... Read More »

Saint Cecilia

Saint CeciliaSaint of the Day for November 22 (d. 230?) Posted from FranciscanMedia.orgSaint Cecilia’s StoryAlthough Cecilia is one of the most famous of the Roman martyrs, the familiar stories about her are apparently not founded on authentic material. There is no trace of honor being paid her in early times. A fragmentary inscription of the late fourth century refers to ... Read More »

Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Saint of the Day for November 21 Posted from The Story of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin MaryMary’s presentation was celebrated in Jerusalem in the sixth century. A church was built there in honor of this mystery. The Eastern Church was more interested in the feast, but it does appear in the West in the 11th century. Although ... Read More »

Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne

Saint of the Day for November 20 (August 29, 1769 – November 18, 1852) Posted from Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne’s StoryBorn in Grenoble, France, of a family that was among the new rich, Rose learned political skills from her father and a love of the poor from her mother. The dominant feature of her temperament was a strong and ... Read More »

Saint Agnes of Assisi

Saint of the Day for November 19 (c. 1197 – November 16, 1253) Posted from Saint Agnes of Assisi’s StoryBorn Caterina Offreducia, Agnes was the younger sister of Saint Clare, and her first follower. When Caterina left home two weeks after Clare’s departure, their family attempted to bring her back by force. They tried to drag her out of ... Read More »