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Saint Bernadette Soubirous

Saint of the Day for April 16 (January 7, 1844 – April 16, 1879) Posted from Saint Bernadette Soubirous’ StoryBernadette Soubirous was born in 1844, the first child of an extremely poor miller in the town of Lourdes in southern France. The family was living in the basement of a dilapidated building when on February 11, 1858, the Blessed ... Read More »

Saint Caesar de Bus

Saint of the Day for April 15 (February 3, 1544 – April 15, 1607) Posted from Blessed Caesar de Bus’ StoryLike so many of us, Caesar de Bus struggled with the decision about what to do with his life. After completing his Jesuit education he had difficulty settling between a military and a literary career. He wrote some plays ... Read More »

Saint Peter Gonzalez

Saint of the Day for April 14 (1190 – April 15, 1246) Posted from Blessed Peter Gonzalez’s StorySaint Paul had a conversion experience on the road to Damascus. Many years later, the same proved true for Peter Gonzalez, who triumphantly rode his horse into the Spanish city of Astorga in the 13th century to take up an important post ... Read More »

Saint Martin I

Saint of the Day for April 13 (d. September 16, 655) Posted from Saint Martin I’s StoryWhen Martin I became pope in 649, Constantinople was the capital of the Byzantine empire and the patriarch of Constantinople was the most influential Church leader in the eastern Christian world. The struggles that existed within the Church at that time were magnified ... Read More »

Saint Teresa of Los Andes

Saint of the Day for April 12 (July 13, 1900 – April 12, 1920) Posted from Saint Teresa of Los Andes’ StoryOne needn’t live a long life to leave a deep imprint. Teresa of Los Andes is proof of that.As a young girl growing up in the early 1900’s in Santiago, Chile, Juana Fernandez read an autobiography of a ... Read More »

Saint Stanislaus

Saint of the Day for April 11 (July 26, 1030 – April 11, 1079) Posted from Saint Stanislaus’ StoryAnyone who reads the history of Eastern Europe cannot help but chance on the name of Stanislaus, the saintly but tragic bishop of Kraków, patron of Poland. He is remembered with Saints Thomas More and Thomas Becket for vigorous opposition to ... Read More »

Saint Magdalen of Canossa

Saint of the Day for April 10 (March 1, 1774 – April 10, 1835) Posted from Saint Magdalen of Canossa’s StoryWealth and privilege did nothing to prevent today’s saint from following her calling to serve Christ in the poor. Nor did the protests of her relatives, concerned that such work was beneath her.Born in northern Italy in 1774, Magdalen ... Read More »

Saint Casilda

Saint of the Day for April 9 (d. c. 1050) Posted from Saint Casilda’s StorySome saints’ names are far more familiar to us than others, but even the lives of obscure holy persons teach us something.And so it is with Saint Casilda. Her father was a Muslim leader in Toledo, Spain, in the 10th century. Casilda was a devout ... Read More »

Saint Julie Billiart

Saint of the Day for April 8 (July 12, 1751 – April 8, 1816) Posted from Saint Julie Billiart’s StoryBorn in Cuvilly, France, into a family of well-to-do farmers, young Marie Rose Julie Billiart showed an early interest in religion and in helping the sick and poor. Though the first years of her life were relatively peaceful and uncomplicated, ... Read More »

Saint John Baptist de La Salle

Saint of the Day for April 7 (April 30, 1651 – April 7, 1719) Posted from Saint John Baptist de La Salle’s StoryComplete dedication to what he saw as God’s will for him dominated the life of John Baptist de La Salle. In 1950, Pope Pius XII named him patron of schoolteachers for his efforts in upgrading school instruction. ... Read More »