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Saint Lucy

Image: St. Lucy | photo by Lawrence OP | flickr Saint of the Day for December 13 (283 – 304) Post by Franciscan Media Saint Lucy’s Story Every little girl named Lucy must bite her tongue in disappointment when she first tries to find out what there is to know about her patron saint. The older books will have a lengthy ... Read More »

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Image: The Virgin of Guadalupe | public domain Saint of the Day for December 12 Post by Franciscan Media The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe The feast in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe goes back to the 16th century. Chronicles of that period tell us the story. A poor Indian named Cuauhtlatohuac was baptized and given the name ... Read More »

Saint Damasus I

Image: Lithography of Pope Saint Damasus I | Pedro Augusto Guglielmi Saint of the Day for December 11 (304 – December 11, 384) Post by Franciscan Media Saint Damasus I’s Story To his secretary Saint Jerome, Damasus was “an incomparable person, learned in the Scriptures, a virgin doctor of the virgin Church, who loved chastity and heard its praises with ... Read More »

Blessed Adolph Kolping

Image: Adolph Kolping | Den katolske kirke Saint of the Day for December 10 (December 8, 1813 – December 4, 1865) Post by Franciscan Media Blessed Adolph Kolping’s Story The rise of the factory system in 19th-century Germany brought many single men into cities where they faced new challenges to their faith. Father Adolph Kolping began a ministry to them, ... Read More »

Saint Juan Diego

Image: Detail | Saint Juan Diego | photo by Lawrence OP | flickr Saint of the Day for December 9 (1474 – May 30, 1548) Post by Franciscan Media Saint Juan Diego’s Story Thousands of people gathered in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe July 31, 2002, for the canonization of Juan Diego, to whom the Blessed Mother appeared ... Read More »

The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Image: The Immaculate Conception | Giovanni Battista Tiepolo Saint of the Day for December 8 The Story of the Immaculate Conception of Mary Post by Franciscan Media A feast called the Conception of Mary arose in the Eastern Church in the seventh century. It came to the West in the eighth century. In the 11th century it received its present ... Read More »

Saint Ambrose

Image: Statue of Saint Ambrose | Luigi Scorzini | photo by G.dallorto Saint of the Day for December 7 (337 – April 4, 397) Post by Franciscan Media Saint Ambrose’s Story One of Ambrose’s biographers observed that at the Last Judgment, people would still be divided between those who admired Ambrose and those who heartily disliked him. He emerges as ... Read More »

Saint Nicholas

Image: Patron of Sailors | photo by Lawrence OP | flickr Saint of the Day for December 6 (March 15, 270 – December 6, 343) Post by Franciscan Media Saint Nicholas’ Story The absence of the “hard facts” of history is not necessarily an obstacle to the popularity of saints, as the devotion to Saint Nicholas shows. Both the Eastern ... Read More »

Saint Sabas

Image: Relics of St. Sabbas the Sanctified in the Catholicon (main church) of the Eastern Orthodox Mar Saba monastery in Palestine | photo by adriatikus Saint of the Day for December 5 (439 – December 5, 532) Post by Franciscan Media Saint Sabas’ Story Born in Cappadocia, Sabas is one of the most highly regarded patriarchs among the monks of Palestine, ... Read More »

Pope: Catholic entrepreneurs must live out Church’s social teaching

By Hannah Brockhaus, 12/3/2019 CNA—Catholic business owners have both a grave responsibility and an opportunity to promote the Church’s social teaching in a difficult atmosphere, Pope Francis told young entrepreneurs Monday. “I am well aware that it is not easy, in everyday life, to reconcile the needs of the faith and the social teaching of the Church with the ... Read More »