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Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Saint of the Day for July 31 (October 23, 1491 – July 31, 1556) Posted frm Saint Ignatius of Loyola’s StoryThe founder of the Jesuits was on his way to military fame and fortune when a cannon ball shattered his leg. Because there were no books of romance on hand during his convalescence, Ignatius whiled away the time reading ... Read More »

Blessed Solanus Casey

Saint of the Day for July 30 (November 25, 1875 – July 31, 1957) Posted from Blessed Solanus Casey’s StoryBarney Casey became one of Detroit’s best-known priests even though he was not allowed to preach formally or to hear confessions!Barney came from a large family in Oak Grove, Wisconsin. At the age of 21, and after he had worked ... Read More »

Saints Martha, Mary and Lazarus

Saints of the Day for July 29 (c. 1st century) Posted from Saints Martha, Mary and Lazarus’ storyMartha, Mary, and their brother Lazarus were evidently close friends of Jesus. He came to their home simply as a welcomed guest, rather than as one celebrating the conversion of a sinner like Zacchaeus or one unceremoniously received by a suspicious Pharisee. ... Read More »

Blessed Stanley Rother

Saint of the Day for July 28 (March 27, 1935 – July 28, 1981)Posted from Franciscan Blessed Stanley Rother’s StoryOn May 25, 1963, Stanley Rother, a farmer’s son from Okarche, Oklahoma, was ordained for his home diocese of Oklahoma City-Tulsa. Having flunked out of the area seminary due to his difficulty with Latin, Fr. Rother finally accepted an invitation ... Read More »

Saint Antonio Lucci

Saint of the Day for July 27 (August 2, 1682 – July 25, 1752) Posted from Blessed Antonio Lucci’s StoryAntonio studied with and was a friend of Saint Francesco Antonio Fasani, who after Antonio Lucci’s death, testified at the diocesan hearings regarding the holiness of Lucci.Born in Agnone in southern Italy, a city famous for manufacturing bells and copper ... Read More »

Saints Joachim and Anne

Saints of the Day for July 26 (c. 1st century) Posted from Saints Joachim and Anne’s StoryIn the Scriptures, Matthew and Luke furnish a legal family history of Jesus, tracing ancestry to show that Jesus is the culmination of great promises. Not only is his mother’s family neglected, we also know nothing factual about them except that they existed. ... Read More »

Saint James

Saint of the Day for July 25 (d. c. 44) Posted from Saint James’ StoryThis James is the brother of John the Evangelist. The two were called by Jesus as they worked with their father in a fishing boat on the Sea of Galilee. Jesus had already called another pair of brothers from a similar occupation: Peter and Andrew. ... Read More »

Saint Sharbel Makhlouf

Saint of the Day for July 24 (May 8, 1828 – December 24, 1898) Posted from Saint Sharbel Makhlouf’s StoryAlthough this saint never traveled far from the Lebanese village of Beka-Kafra where he was born, his influence has spread widely.Joseph Zaroun Maklouf was raised by an uncle because his father, a mule driver, died when Joseph was only three. ... Read More »

Saint Bridget of Sweden

Saint of the Day for July 23 (c. 1303 – July 23, 1373) Posted from Saint Bridget of Sweden’s StoryFrom age 7 on, Bridget had visions of Christ crucified. Her visions formed the basis for her activity—always with the emphasis on charity rather than spiritual favors.She lived her married life in the court of the Swedish king Magnus II. ... Read More »

Saint Mary Magdalene

Saint of the Day for July 22 (d. c. 63) Posted from Saint Mary Magdalene’s StoryExcept for the mother of Jesus, few women are more honored in the Bible than Mary Magdalene. Yet she could well be the patron of the slandered, since there has been a persistent legend in the Church that she is the unnamed sinful woman ... Read More »