AUG 2021 – LUNCH MTG & Speaker

Attend the Catholic Business Group-Omaha (CBGO) – AUGUST Lunch Mtg on:

-August 19th, 2021

-11:30 am

-The Champions Club, 13800 Eagle Run Dr.

-SPEAKER:   Jen Brown

-TOPIC:   Daily Witness to God…

Jen Brown, Catholic disciple of Jesus, and Morning Show Host on KVSS Spirit Catholic Radio, will share how God is present in her family, daily life, career, and her work in Building the Kingdom of God. Small ways to be a witness to Christ every day of your life. In prayerful hope that the small ways lead to BIG ways.  You will learn from her experiences.

*Be early, there is always Networking, Conversation and Growing in our Catholic Faith.

Reservations are REQUIRED by Members and Non-Members for all lunch meetings. The cost is $20 for Non-Members.

RSVP at  to make your reservation. TECHNICAL glich occuring, please click on the May 2021 Lunch event to register for the Aug. 19, 2021 event!   Any questions contact .

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